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Students fanned out across campus to participate in sustainability
efforts for the Citizenship Project, including canal and preserve clean-up,
and planting in the Butterfly Garden and entrance to the Green Center.
Vision: A sustainable campus environment to benefit students, faculty, staff and community
Mission: The Sustainability Committee seeks to enhance the university's mission by creating a sustainable campus environment with focus on conservation, commitment, community and education.
Core Values: Conservation, Commitment, Community, Environment and Education
Discipline Focuses: The commitee has 5 discipline areas: Community and Education, Energy and Transportation, Landscape and Ecology, Water, Waste and Materials.

Learn about “greening” your home (i.e., growing your own food, energy saving) and understanding climate change at the e4 Sustainability Summit in West Palm Beach:
e4 Home, Dec. 6, 9 a.m.–2 :30 p.m. at the Garden Club at Dreher P...

College Planning & Management Magazine’s article “Sustainability in Higher Education: Going Strong” gives a good overview of how sustainability is thriving on college campuses. 

“The first thing to note...
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In October, Lynn's Uhaul CarShare on campus logged 350.5 hours and
1.944 miles.
In March, Lynn's Uhaul CarShare vehicles on campus logged 539 hours and 2,628 miles.
In February, Lynn's Uhaul CarShare vehicles on campus logged ...
There are 8 bikes on campus available for any student to use – for FREE. Just head on over to the security shack and sign one out. Riding bikes is not only beneficial to the environment, but is good exercise, too!
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The Butterfly Garden got a make-over courtesy of the Citizenship Project. Plants added include Passion Vine, Dwarf Firecracker, Milk Weed, Lantana yellow, and red and pink Pentas.

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Sustainability projects for the Citizenship Project on Jan. 8 and 9 include: canal clean up, preserve clean up and trail improvement and landscaping. Students will trim, weed, plant new plants, lay down fresh mulch and identify plants with placards in...
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The National Intelligence Council Global Trends: 2030 projects a 40% increase in demand for food and water by 2030 and nearly 50% of the world's population will live in areas with limited access to food and water.  These scarcities will wor...

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Lynn has enrolled in Office Depot's Greener Office Delivery Service, so you should be seeing our Office Depot deliveries in recyclable bags and reusable totes.


Since we became a "Coca-Cola school" this fall, we have also implemented the recycling of the Coca-Cola containers. During October, November and December, 2013, Lynn has recycled 569 containers (almost 30 lbs.) from the coke machines in the Stude...
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