Victoria Holcomb (l.) and Laurenne McAteer (r.), instructional designers, have been hired by Lynn to increase the interactivity and consistency of its curriculum for its online classes and courses that will be part of the school’s iPad initiative - the goal being to ensure digital learning at Lynn is a fully realized, multisensory experience for students.

Specific enhancements include:
• adding new levels of interactivity to Lynn’s nationally praised curriculum
• ensuring the redeveloped content abides by Lynn’s brand and industry best practices
• including both audio and visual elements so the course work will appeal to different styles of learners

The team sees Lynn as one of the industry leaders in moving toward the “Constructivist” model of higher education instruction—essentially a student-centric model that puts the curriculum in the students' hands to learn in the way that works for them and the professor’s leadership role moves from disseminating facts and figures to someone who consults with the students as they make their way through class materials.