Amy Filiatreau was recently hired as the new director of the Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Library to oversee its continued evolution as it integrates new technologies to ensure it is a valuable resource for students and faculty.

“The library is not just a place to come and study,” Filiatreau said. “The library isn’t even that much about books anymore. The library is about access to information, and it’s about librarians educating the Lynn community about how to find that information.”

Under Filiatreau, the library will focus on providing students, faculty and staff with the tools they need to find reliable information, help them do complex research, ensure they know how to use information in a physical and virtual classroom and bridge “the gap between simply Googling something and developing clear and concise research techniques.”

“We need radical change in higher education and in libraries,” Filiatreau said. “Lynn is embracing that change, and so is Lynn’s library.”

She has identified some immediate changes that can expand the services the library offers to the community. Her team will work to improve the library’s website and catalog, reorganize the physical layout of the library and increase the amount of outreach and education. These efforts are among a comprehensive program that will support the university’s core mission by aligning the library’s operations with Lynn’s innovative approach to teaching and focus on integrating technology into the students’ experience.