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Campus Safety home
Lynn University’s Department of Campus Safety is comprised of 33 professional members who are dedicated to the belief of community involvement and service.  We strive to provide a safe and secure environment for our Lynn community, since our highest priority at Lynn University is the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and guests.  



To contact the Campus Communications Center: 

Phone 561-237-7226.


What We Do

The range of services provided by Campus Safety include:
•    Providing emergency response;
•    Providing 24 hour gate coverage and golf cart, bicycle and walking patrols of campus;
•    Providing walking escorts;
•    Operating an internal campus tram service;
•    Ensuring that university policies as well as legal statutes are observed;
•    Providing educational programming through collaboration with various university constituents;
•    Protecting our university community, buildings and equipment;
•    Coordinating staffing during special events; and
•    Implementing and coordinating campus parking  

Additionally, Campus Safety is responsible for the creation and implementation of campus emergency and crisis management policies and programs.  We are also involved in training and programming with local police and fire rescue through a community partnership, and we invest significant resources in a variety of activities and initiatives designed to increase security on our campus.

Campus Safety shares the responsibility of a secure environment with you, but we need your help.  Together, we can make our campus a safe and secure place in which to live, learn, work, and play.  


Contact us

Larry Rickard,

Assistant Chief
Brian Siliquini,

Student safety tips

Please review the following tips for maintaining your personal safety and protecting your property when on and off campus.  

Locking doors
•    Locking the door to your residence hall room or car when unattended, even when you are gone for just a few minutes, is the first line of defense against thefts.  Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, and it only takes a few seconds for someone to take your valuables.  Remember to keep your doors locked at all times.

Letting friends know where you are and who you are with and using the “buddy” system
•    Notify a friend if you are going out with someone you don’t know very well or if you are traveling off-campus alone.  If something should happen, there will be someone who can alert Campus Safety that you may be in trouble and in need of assistance.  
•    When out for the evening, use the “buddy” system.  Don’t go to clubs or private parties by yourself.  Get involved, and look out for your friends.

Be aware of your surroundings
•    Park in well-lit areas when possible.  Take caution when walking alone in dark parking lots.
•    Don’t accept rides from strangers.  Call a cab or arrange for other safe transportation.
•    When out and about, don’t accept drinks from strangers.  Always order your own drinks, watch the server pour them, and do not leave drinks unattended.

Let someone know your travel plans such as:
•    Departure date and time from campus;
•    Locations of where you plan to stop during your journey;
•    Locations of any overnight stays; and
•    Estimated date and time of arrival at your destination