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Campus Safety and Auxiliary Services teamed up to install a simpler campus parking program with a more efficient and controlled entryway traffic flow. In addition, the parking lot names and color designations increase clarity for all Lynn guests and ensure consistent maintenance of lots as our campus changes.
Gate arms allow a more efficient flow of traffic and create a more controlled environment that increases safety measures by enabling Campus Safety officers to concentrate on guests entering campus instead of checking cars for valid stickers.
The gate arms at the three designated entrances will be operational by the start of the fall 2015 semester.
New parking stickers are available anytime, 24 hours a day. Employees must fill out and sign this vehicle registration form, scan and email a copy to A new sticker will be sent interoffice. All student cars must be registered with the university. If you intend to park a car on campus, please fill out this vehicle registration form. New students can get their sticker at registration. Returning students can pick up their stickers at the Campus Communication Center (across from E.M. Lynn).
Apply sticker to the outside of the bottom, rear driver's side window. (Windows that do not open are preferable). See instructions for affixing the sticker.
Yes, you can register an additional vehicle and receive a separate sticker.
No. You must re-register your vehicle(s).
No. The stickers will be valid until you are no longer a university student or employee at which point the barcode will be de-activated.
All employees and students must obtain a parking sticker. If you don't have a new sticker, you will not be able to access campus through the gate-arm lane. You will need to go through the manned lane and show your Lynn ID.
No. All employees receive an employee sticker even if they are enrolled in classes and must park in employee designated lots; graduate assistants and student-workers employed by Lynn are considered students and receive a student sticker to park in student-designated lots.
All students can now park in one of four lots on campus: H, I, J, and L (most of these are conveniently located near residence halls).
Special stickers will be issued on a case-by-case basis for visitors and vendors. Please contact Brian Siliquini, Assistant Chief of Campus Safety, at + 1 561-237-7401.
Parking lots are renamed in order to create a system that is clearer and more efficient to maintain as our campus changes. The letters are officially the new names of our parking lots. Our campus map and other materials will be updated to reflect the parking locations. Previously the names were associated with buildings which were subject to change over the years i.e. Pine Tree lot (Pine Tree Camps is no longer located in the lot adjacent to that building).
If you have a disabled parking permit, you may park in a disabled spot in any lot.
Parking citations will be issued to those (students and employees) who are not in a valid lot or space. The regular fine is $50 and $100 for parking in a disabled space. Note that disabled spaces are monitored by law enforcement agencies, which may issue other citations or impose additional fines payable directly to the agency.
Pay parking fines at the cashier's office in the Green Center within 30 days of the day of issuance. Cars inappropriately parked after 5 p.m. may be towed at the owner's expense.
If you believe you have been issued a parking citation in error, you may file an appeal via the online appeals form. Appeals must be filed within five business days from the date of the issuance. Campus Safety reviews all appeals and responds within five business days. See Parking Citation and Appeals Procedure.