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EM Lynn Residence Center   
The purpose of the Lynn University Health Center is to promote a a lifestyle of optimal wellness by providing quality accessible, cost-effective healthcare in the university setting. The Health Center implements awareness programs aimed at prevention by identifying current trends relating to collegiate health and wellness.
In the case of a medical emergency, please phone 911 or Campus Safety at 561-237-7226. 
Location:  E M Lynn Residence Center, north east corner, first floor
Phone:  561-237-7231
Fax:  561-237-7116
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.
Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Change in hours will be posted outside the Health Center
Summer hours are typically 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.                                                                                           
If healthcare services are required outside LU Health Center operating hours, please visit one of the local Urgent Care centers listed on this page to the right.
All new, incoming students who will be residing on campus are required to submit the following health documents prior to arriving on campus: 
 1. Health History and Authorization Form: To be completed and signed by the student and/or parent if student is under 18 (Does NOT require a physician's signature.)
 2.  Proof of a Physical Examination: Proof of a general physical exam is required for all students living on campus, and must be dated within 12 months of your first   semester living on campus at Lynn University. This form MUST be signed and stamped by your physician’s office.
 3. Immunization Records: 
  • Proof of  TWO MMR (Mumps, Measels, Rubella) vaccines - OR- proof of immunity via a blood test (“titers”)
  • Proof of THREE Hepatitis B vaccines -OR- a signed waiver declining the Hepatitis B vaccines
  • Proof of a MENINGITIS vaccine dated within FIVE years of your first semester living on campus 
Proof of vaccines or a signed waiver in the case of Hepatitis B are required. Please see “Tips for Locating Old Immunization Records” on this page, should this be of use to you. 
Approaching the start date of your first semester, a HOLD will be placed on your student account, which will prevent you from having access to your residence hall room and meal plan, should you not complete all health requirements as listed above or on the New Student tab of
Send completed health forms: via email to, or by fax to (561) 237-7116. 

What We Do

Our Services
• Treatment for acute injuries & illnesses       
• Physical exams                                            
• Strains and sprains                                      
• Free condoms                                             
• STD testing & treatment                               
• Well-Women exams                                     
• Pregnancy prevention   
• Nurse practitioner by appointment (Monday - Thursday)
• Manage student health records and requirements 
• Vaccinations
• Laboratory collections
• Off-campus physician referrals
• Health advice and education resources
• Campus health promotion programs
 Signature Events
• Annual Wellness Fair
• Flu Campaign
• Breast Cancer Awareness
• National Smokeout
• World AIDS Day
• Go Red! Heart Health Awareness
• STD Awareness 

Contact us

Rita Albert, RN,  
Staff Nurse
Rebecca Tassio,
Nurse Practitioner
Janice Imhoff, D.N.P.
Administrative Assistant
Barbara Gallo,
General Inquiries