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The Counseling Center provides free, comprehensive mental health services for currently enrolled students dealing with emotional, psychological, behavioral, and social issues. 

The intention of all services is to promote positive mental health and more satisfying educational and life experiences.

Licensed psychotherapists are available to discuss a variety of issues including, but not limited to, depression, stress/anxiety, relationships, alcohol and drug abuse, emotional support, family issues, and eating disorders.

Lynn’s Counseling Center is fully accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc.

Frequently asked questions

Are services confidential? 
Services and records are strictly confidential.  According to Florida law, information regarding visits and records are not disclosed without written consent from the student, except in the case of a life-threatening situation.  Records are separate from all other university files and are securely maintained with the Counseling Center.
Why do students attend counseling?
Students consult with the Counseling Center for a wide range of concerns which include adjustment difficulties, problems in relationships, situational crises, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or substance abuse.
How does a student make an appointment?
Students can walk in during office hours or call the Counseling Center at 561-237-7237 in order to make an appointment.
For more FAQs pertaining our office, go to the bottom right of this page and click "Get all your questions answered here" under Counseling Center

Services include

• Weekly individual and group therapy sessions are held.

• Off-campus referrals for local treatment providers are available to any client who would prefer to be seen off-campus or be more appropriately served by other specialized and/or intensive mental health services.

• Psychiatric evaluations and/or medication management sessions may be arranged on campus, for students receiving on-campus counseling services, or students may be directed to qualified, off-campus, private practitioners.

• Psycho-education events are provided to the campus community.

• Alcohol and other drug education, prevention and assessment are provided.  


Group Counseling

In group counseling, a small number of people meet with one or two of our counselors in a group setting to help themselves and one another. Joining a group provides opportunities to learn with and from other people, to understand one's own patterns of thought and behavior and those of others, and to perceive how group members react to one another.  If you would like information regarding the current groups being offered, please call 561-237-7237.

 "We're here for you...Reaching out is a sign of strength."

Stop By and/or Call Us

Office location:  E. M. Lynn Residence Center (first floor, south east corner) 
Office hours:  Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
The Counseling Center main phone: 561-237-7237
You may also contact any of the therapists directly:

Nicole Ovedia, LCSW,   
Sandy Whitmer, LMHC,               

Gail DeCina, LCSW, CAP,            
Kelly Farrell, LMHC,                   
Jeff Landsman, LCSW,
Part-time Counselor

Administrative Assistant
Ida Yung,
 REMEMBER:  You do not have to be in crisis to call a counselor.
              It is better to seek help when you are not sure how to make necessary
              life changes.  

For more Counseling Center FAQS, click here: