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Our mission is to fulfill the university’s compliance obligations and ensure that all functions are carried out in accordance with laws, regulations and policies. We promote and enforce the university's Ethical Code of Conduct and coordinate compliance efforts with senior administrators and designated partners across campus. The Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees provides compliance oversight.

Our Compliance Service Desk helps our campus community understand and fulfill its compliance and risk-related responsibilities. Staff members can submit questions, request additional or new training, suggest amendments or additions to the university's policies.



Our Services

Policy Development

We oversee all policy development and implementation. We ensure all policies and procedures are developed, approved, issued and maintained in a consistent manner.

We ensure all policies and procedures are developed, approved, issued and maintained in a consistent manner with the engagement of appropriate university stakeholders. This includes:

  • The design of new policies
  • Amendments or alterations to existing policies
  • Design and/or alteration of procedures to increase compliance with institutional policies

To contribute feedback, make suggestions or request new policies, employees may utilize the Compliance Service Desk after logging in.


Training and Preparedness

We oversee all compliance, risk, and prevention related training and support for students, employees, volunteers, and vendors.

The Office of Compliance supports members of the campus community in mitigating risks, preventing misconduct, and complying with regulatory and legal requirements through various training and preparedness resources including:

  • Online training for new staff and incoming students
  • Custom in-person training for departments and community members
  • Compliance services such as the ability to request research, ask any question, or seek assistance with a compliance or risk related effort
  • Compliance Newsletters and supporting toolkits for managers
  • Compliance and Ethics Awareness Week Programming
  • Lunch and Learn Training Sessions


To request a training or obtain resources to assist you with your compliance or risk related responsibilities, employees may utilize the Compliance Service Desk after logging in to My.Lynn. All other requests may be sent via email to


Risk Management

We design and implement effective risk management strategies to support our mission and the programs we offer.

The Office of Compliance remains apprised of industry-specific risks and works with campus partners to design comprehensive programs.

A sample of programs we offer includes:

  • Oversight of programs and activities involving minor participants
  • Primary prevention and awareness for discrimination and harassment, including sexual misconduct and other forms of harassment
  • Assistance with data privacy and security efforts
  • Strategic risk identification and mitigation
  • Risk specific training:
    • Concussion management
    • Preventing Abuse


Discrimination, Harassment, Access, and Inclusion

We are committed to ensuring a safe environment in which our students, employees and guests can live, learn, and work. We take all matters of harassment and discrimination seriously and seek to provide accessible and equitable services, educational programs, and employment opportunities to all members of the campus community.  

We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community.

The University prohibits all forms of discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, age, pregnancy or parenting status, veteran status, or retirement status.

Accessibility and Non-Discrimination Statement

The Office of Compliance also is responsible for Title IX Compliance and upholds the university’s strict prohibition against all forms of sexual misconduct, gender discrimination, sexual violence, domestic violence, coercion, stalking, bullying, intimidation and harassment.

If you have been a victim of discrimination or harassment, or know someone who has, various options are available to you.

Find Resources

In addition, our office provides services, including:

  • Education, prevention, and training programs that inform the campus community about the risks and myths that contribute to sexual and gender-based misconduct and other forms of discrimination and harassment.
  • Assistance and support, including procedures sensitive to all individuals involved in a complaint of sexual and gender-based misconduct and/or discrimination and harassment related to a protected class.
  • A process for the prompt and equitable investigation and resolution of incidents of sexual and gender-based misconduct, discrimination, and harassment. The process includes appropriate disciplinary sanctions for those who commit offenses, as well as imposition of remedial actions to address and remedy the effects of such offenses. 


Reporting Violations

We strive to operate with the highest standards of business. We encourage anyone who believes a university policy or ethical standards has been violated to report it.

We strive to operate with the highest standards of business, and our employees are expected to adhere to policies and procedures and Ethical Code of Conduct, which provide guidelines for maintaining these standards.

We encourage anyone who believes a university policy or ethical standard has been violated to report it.

A suspected violation may take any form, and catching potential areas of concern early on can help identify and—importantly—end unethical practices, reduce liabilities and lawsuits, retain personnel and more.

We encourage all members of the Lynn community to maintain an open and honest communication environment. It is appropriate for employees to report any suspected violation of the Ethical Code of Conduct or policies and procedures; federal or state laws; conflicts of interest; fraud or embezzlement; workplace health and safety; privacy and more. We also expect it.

If you suspect someone has violated our policies and procedures or Ethical Code of Conduct, you have the following options:

  1. Report the violation in person, via phone or email to a supervisor or another member of management.
  2. Report the violation to the Office of Compliance via phone at 561-237-7727, email or in person.
  3. Report the violation to Employee Services via phone at 561-237-7915, email at or in person.
  4. Use the Lynn University Reporting Hotline to make an online or phone-based report.

Often, the quickest and most effective reporting method is through interpersonal communications. However, we want employees and our wider community to feel comfortable communicating about these matters.

The hotline is an alternative method of reporting suspected compliance violations. We encourage you to use it after all other reporting options have been exhausted, or if they have proven ineffective, impractical or unsafe under the circumstances.

Q. How do I know if I have compliance obligations?

A. Almost every department/business unit on campus has an identified “Compliance Partner” who is responsible for assisting the University in its compliance efforts within a particular area. A complete listing of “Compliance Partners” may be found in the University Compliance Matrix. Additionally, the University Compliance Matrix details many of the University’s specific compliance obligations by topic, department, and or subject area. If you are interested in learning more about your specific department’s compliance obligations, feel free to submit a ticket through the Compliance Service Desk.

Q. Are there University policies that explain compliance obligations?

A. All University policies can be found here: Additionally, the University compliance matrix contains explanations of many of the University’s compliance obligations with links to existing resources.

Q. How do I learn more about my compliance obligations?

A. The Office of Compliance offers a series of training programs designed to assist employees as they fulfill their day-to-day compliance obligations. These programs may be found under ‘Compliance Plus Training Initiative’ on our home page. If you have more specific questions, or if you require training not provided by the Compliance Plus Training Initiative, then please feel free to submit a ticket through the Compliance Service Desk.

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Through our relationship with LawRoom, we are happy provide a suite of over 50 web based training's to all employees in an on-demand fashion. Available training's cover a range of topics from human resources, OSHA, data security and privacy, discrimination and harassment, and even a detailed training on how to host holiday parties. With each completed training, the University and the participant are provided a certificate of completion. 

To request a training for you or your department, please submit a ticket using the instructions attached here: Lynn University Compliance Ticketing Instructions.pdf

The full course catalog may be viewed below.




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United Educator's EduRisk Training Suite

  • Child Abuse Prevention (Required for individuals working with Minors)
  • Concussion Awareness (Required for Athletic Staff and Staff Supervising Club Sports)


Manager's Toolkit

Periodically the Office of Compliance will create a series of resources designed to assist Directors and Administrators in enforcing compliance requirements with their staff. These resources will also be posted below as appropriate.