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The role of the Procurement department is to oversee the purchasing process to insure the best price, quality and service for required goods and services based on the needs of the University's programs, and to promote compliance with University policy.

Procurement is responsible for the end-to-end buying and paying processes for goods and services for Lynn University.  To aid the community in sourcing quality goods and services and save users time and money, we routinely negotiate contracts, source new suppliers and carry out bidding activities. The availability of the best overall value to the Lynn community for goods and services is the result of these activities. To further save time and focus the community on Lynn University contracts, innovative electronic solutions that streamline transaction processing are also under development.

The Procurement department is comprised of dedicated staff that focus on key components of the overall buying and paying process. This includes Accounts Payable, Purchasing and P-Card services.

For Sale to the Lynn Community

Please check here for surplus items available to Lynn employees. All items sold 'as is' without warranty or guarantee of any kind.  Individuals purchasing items must arrange for their own pick-up and transport of item(s) purchased. 






Employee Mileage

Please note that effective January 01, 2019 the mileage reimbursement rate has been increased to .58 per the IRS.


We've Moved!

We’ve moved!  The Procurement department has moved from the Library 3rd floor to the Lynn off campus site located at 5400 Broken Sound Blvd., Boca Raton. Our entire team including Baraka Packer, James Spells, Dan Caballero, Tammy Swett, Laurie Hotchkiss and Maria Bimonte is now located at the former DMAC campus.  All of our contact information remains the same so please reach out to us via phone, e-mail or Skype.  Thank-you.

Procurement Team
Maria Bimonte, Director
561-237-7173 |
Daniel Caballero, Assistant Director
561-237-7175 |
Tammy Swett, Procurement Specialist
561-237-7148 |

Laureen (Laurie) Hotchkiss, P-Card Administrator
561-237-7178 |
Baraka Packer, AP Supervisor
561-237-7295 |
James Spells, Specialist
561-237-7945 |