Good morning,


What better gift is there to give a child, than the gift of reading?


Today, Student Financial Services launches the annual Children’s Holiday Book Drive for the classroom libraries and children of Florence Fuller Child Development Center. To make it easier for you to participate, we are now allowing you to donate and order books online!


We are seeking to reach out to as many students and staff as possible to help further this exciting initiative. We will be glad to accept new and gently used books for children, any age up to 12 years of age. There is no need to wrap the books, simply drop them off to Student Financial Services by December 11th and we will do the rest.


As an additional option, we are including an Amazon wish list link to allow you to go online and select and order your books. This will be mailed directly to the school to our office, which allows you to donate with just a few clicks.



We are planning to reach out to different departments and student organizations this year, and are hopeful of bettering last year’s total. However, we always need to encourage and promote as much as we possible.


This year we will continue with our challenges from last year:

1)      The Departmental Challenge

2)      The Student Organization Challenge


Each department and student organization on campus is challenged to donate 10 books to the book drive. Those departments or student organizations that donate the most will win the following prizes:

a)       Your very own Department / Student Organization Holiday photo

b)      Holiday Book Drive Certificate

c)       An interactive financial literacy session for your whole department / student organization


Weekly Totals and Scores will be announced on MyLynn. If you are placing an order online, please indicate your name and department or student organization.


I would be extremely grateful if you would share this email with those who you feel may be interested in taking part in our event. Word of mouth, and sharing with others is always a great way to get any initiative moving.


There are times when we take the ability to read for granted. This gift can truly make a genuine difference.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting

Together we can truly make a difference this holiday season.