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Happy earth day! … How do you connect with nature? Post on Lynn’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #lynnuniversity #goinggreen #earthday. You could win prizes. And stop by the Student Center today to see displays of our green achievements.
Vision: A sustainable campus environment to benefit students, faculty, staff and community
Mission: The Sustainability Committee seeks to enhance the university's mission by creating a sustainable campus environment with focus on conservation, commitment, community and education.
Core Values: Conservation, Commitment, Community, Environment and Education
Discipline Focuses: The commitee has 5 discipline areas: Community and Education, Energy and Transportation, Landscape and Ecology, Water, Waste and Materials.

College Planning & Management Magazine’s article “Sustainability in Higher Education: Going Strong” gives a good overview of how sustainability is thriving on college campuses. 

“The first thing to note...
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In May 2015, Lynn's Uhaul CarShare on campus logged 198 hours and 2,305 miles

In April 2015, Lynn's Uhaul CarShare on campus logged 283.5 hours and 2,118 miles.

In March 2015, Lynn's Uhaul CarShare on campus logged 330.5 hours and 2,739 miles.

In February 20...

Lynn has focused on increasing its efficient use of energy over the past three years. As a part of the Siemens Project we were able to reduce our utilities consumption by 30 percent. This is a growing trend globally and is having significant imp...

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  Hillel@Lynn celebrated the Jewish holiday Tu B’Shevat, “The New Year of the Trees,” by planting trees in the preserve on campus Feb. 4. Tu B’Shevat is the day that marks the beginning of a “new year” for trees....
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The Princeton Review has taken notice, choosing Lynn as one of the 353 most environmentally responsible “green” colleges for inclusion in its sixth annual “green guide.

Based on data from the compa...
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The National Intelligence Council Global Trends: 2030 projects a 40% increase in demand for food and water by 2030 and nearly 50% of the world's population will live in areas with limited access to food and water.  These scarcities will wor...

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Lynn’s latest sustainability innovation is a mobile printing service that’s helping save enormous amounts of paper. The service, called “follow-me printing,” enables students to send their document to a shared print queue and r...
Each year, Lynn’s first-year students participate in J-Term’s Citizenship Project, a three-week course focused on a civic issue, problem or other specific topic. The waste sort was an activity to determine the number of recyclables that en...
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