Lynn University partnered with Siemens Inc. to improve our campus-wide energy efficiency and to construct the New Central Energy Plant or CEP, which was completed in the fall of 2013. The CEP replaced our old plant which increased capacity, reliability, and efficiency. This project was critical to facilitating Lynn's campus expansion. This project also included the upgrade of campus-wide equipment including rooftop A/C units, lighting, water fixtures, boilers, and water heaters.

What it does

The Central Energy Plant is home to two 650 ton chillers and two 650 ton cooling towers that work in tandem to supply cold water for air conditioning across campus. Having central chillers is more efficient than having multiple small units spread across campus.


The new Central Energy Plant reduces Lynn's energy consumption by 612,000-kilowatt hours (kWh) annually.

"This is equal to taking 90 cars off the road for a year." 1

The new plant functions with Lynn's IRIS water system (recycled water). It uses IRIS water as make-up water in the cooling towers. Using IRIS water saves Lynn more than 15,200 gallons of drinking water per day.

"That's enough water to meet the needs of an average American family of four for more than a month." 2