• Last year, taxpayers spent nearly $11 billion cleaning up litter across the U.S., 10 times more than the cost of trash disposal. (North Carolina alone spent $15 million and removed 7.5 million pounds of just roadside litter. That’s equivalent to 93 maximum-weight 18 wheelers.)
• Every piece of litter costs approximately $.30.
• In Florida, the decrease in tourism is directly related to litter which could be detrimental to Florida’s economy. 98.9 million tourists in 2014 generated $81.9 million.
• Fifty percent of littered items are cigarette butts.
• Litter lowers water quality.
• Litter destroys entire ecosystems.
• High amounts of litter translates to higher crime rates.

Litter happens everywhere every day, picking it up should happen just as often. Litter not only impacts wildlife, it impacts us as people in many ways, our food and water sources, as well as our wallets, so save money and the environment and keep our planet clean.