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iPad Checklist

Welcome to Lynn University, an Apple Distinguished School. We are excited to introduce you to our iPad learning ecosystem. The following list is meant to help new and existing students successfully set up and use their iPad:

  1. Review the User Agreement for your program, which is located on the right side of this webpage.
  2. Sign the eAgreement Form, which is located in the upper right of this webpage.
  3. Watch the instructional video below that will walk you through how to set up your iPad.
  4. Begin your learning journey within our iPad ecosystem.

Instructional Materials

How to set up your iPad:
How to set up your iPad (video for Mac) & (video for Windows PC)

Additional Resources:
How to use Lynn's mobile-printing services with your student ID card (video to watch via a Mac computer) & (video to watch from a Windows PC)
ow to record the screen of your iPad (manual PDF)

Multi-touch books:
Accessing a Multi-touch book through Canvas (manual PDF)
How to navigate your Multi-touch book (video for Mac) & (video for Windows PC)
Multi-touch book interactivity (video for Mac) & (video for Windows PC)
Highlighting, making notes, and study cards (video for Mac) & (video for Windows PC)
Accessing and using the Glossary (video for Mac) & (video for Windows PC)
Listening to your Multi-touch book (video for Mac) & (video for Windows PC

Self Service apps:
Learn how to make a Keynote presentation in 5 minutes (video for Mac) & (video for Windows PC)

Xfinity on Campus:
Xfinity On Campus - Campus Technical Support Guide 

You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.

Use this section to quickly get answers to common questions

You can visit the IT support helpdesk on the first floor of the library (circulation desk) or call (561) 237-7979.  Do not contact Apple or visit the Apple Store.  Lynn University helpdesk will troubleshoot the problem and will arrange for a loaner if needed.
If you receive a loaner,  you must return it to the IT support helpdesk within 10 days or you will be charged a $50 penalty.  
You must report the loss or theft immediately to Campus Security at (561) 237-7226. You should also contact the IT Support Desk located on the first floor of the library (circulation desk) or call at (561) 237-7979 to arrange for an iPad loaner.
Lynn University will determine on a case by case basis any fees to cover iPad damages or losses.  Remember, you are responsible for the device and you will need it for your coursework.  Please refer to your iPad User Agreement for the standard fees for repairs or lost devices.  Fees may be higher for multiple repairs on one device or multiple replacements for one student. 
Your account will be billed for any iPad related fees.
Please return any found iPad to Campus Security (561) 237-7226 or the IT Support Desk (first floor of library) (561) 237-7979.
Any Lynn University recommended app will be available to you at the Lynn University Apps@work store.  Tab on the Apps@work icon on your device and search the list before downloading apps from Apple's App Store.  Some paid apps required for course work will be pre-paid for you by the university and available at the Apps@work store.
It is up to you, but we recommend you purchase a cover or case for your device.  Remember, you are responsible for damages to the device.  Visit the Lynn University campus store, they will have covers with the Lynn logo available for sale. 
Yes!  If a device is lost or stolen we will use these tools to locate your device.