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Inter religious campus community
We are a community of believers, who affirm the equality of all God’s people, and who are committed to inclusion and collaboration. We are dedicated to faith development, peace through justice and creating a spiritual environment that welcomes seekers and servers. We celebrate and embrace the richness of our culturally diverse and inter-religious campus community.

Worship services

Liturgical Services: 
Catholic masses are regularly offered in Landgren Chapel, Monday through Thursday -12:05 p.m. and Sundays - 7:00 p.m.
Off-campus worship information:
A list of local houses of worship is provided at the top right of this page under "Important Information".

Sacred spaces on-campus

   Landgren Chapel
Landgren Chapel, located at the heart of campus, was established when Lynn was Marymount College.  The altar in the Chapel was originally used as the altar in Freiburger when each residence hall had its own chapel.  The Chapel links us to our Roman Catholic Heritage, and is available for all faiths and denominations that find the space appropriate for their use. SRL will strive to create sacred space on campus for those groups who prefer not to make use of Landgren Chapel.  
Snyder Sanctuary
Snyder Sanctuary, located just south of the main entrance to campus, will serve the Lynn University community as a place of refuge as well as a spiritual place for meditation, music, celebration, and dialogue.  Since the facility will be unaffiliated with any religion, it will provide a setting where our community can celebrate its religious and spiritual diversity.  There will also be an adjoining classroom and an outside labyrinth, which will replicate the labyrinth in the French Cathedral of Chartres.
The Masjid, located on the fifth floor of E. M. Lynn Residence Center, is an Islamic prayer room, which makes it possible for Muslim students to perform their daily five ritual prayers. It can also be used for discussions and instruction on Islam.  Mohammed Indimi, a Lynn parent, has gifted the university with Holy Qur'an books which are available for personal prayer as well.  Students of all beliefs are welcome to observe, and respectful inquiries are always encouraged.
Local Houses of Worship
Student Religious Organizations