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Workday Fall Update (Workday 2023 R2) - Completed

The Workday Fall Update takes place between midnight and noon on Saturday, September 9.

On Saturday, September 9, 2023, Workday, Inc. will implement their fall update (Workday 2023 R2). During the update, Workday may be unavailable, slow, or unresponsive. Due to these potential issues, we encourage everyone to delay accessing Workday until the update is complete and the system returns to normal operation.

The update and maintenance window may last up to twelve hours, from midnight to noon on September 9. However, users should use this timeframe only as a guide and not a set schedule. The actual time Workday is unavailable could be longer or shorter than planned.

With the 2023R2 release, Workday improves the manager experience on the Home page. Workday display additional contextual information for managers and give them more insight on areas that matter most.

The contexts include Important Dates, Team Highlights, Quick Actions, and identifying manager user type.

Read more in our Workday Documentation site

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