This past weekend, Terence McCorry, director or Spiritual and Religious Life; students Lizzy Raffa, representing Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Volleyball; Myriam Rofrano representing Hillel, and Phil Allison, representing the Catholic Newman Club and RA, attended the Interfaith Youth Core's Interfaith Leadership Institute in Atlanta Ga., along with 120 students and staff from 39 universities across the country. IFYC developed the Better Together campaign and co-developed the President's Interfaith and Community  Service Campus Challenge.
At the conference students were challenged to create an inclusive multi-faith campus event which the conference would vote on at the closing ceremony. At the closing our Lynn team presented and won the competition, along with Armstrong Atlantic University. Lynn’s event “Build Better Together” will combine social, educational, and competitive components along with giving voice to the silent crisis of homelessness in Palm Beach County. Look for the event this spring!