As we work to improve upgrade our facilities and equipment as part of our continued Going Green initiative, the campus will see significant work being done. As part of this effort, crews will be working to build our new Central Energy Plant over the summer months.
This work will affect the main walkways over the next few weeks while the new underground chilled water loop will be installed. The loop will distribute cool water from the energy plant to all the buildings on campus. This cool water will be used as part of the A/C system and help reduce the amount of energy used to cool our offices.
They will start laying pipe beginning Monday, May 20, between the Library and the Green Center. The pipe laying will work its way west along the sidewalk between the Green Center and ASSAF over the next few weeks. Temporary walk areas will be put in place around the construction areas.
Our campus will also see heavy equipment preparing the site for the new plant, located to the west of the Gym and several semi-trailers of pipes for the chilled water loop arriving.
Also, Lynn Residence Hall & Freiburger Residence Hall will be receiving new boilers and hot water heaters this week.