Nine of the 21 Citizenship Project classes participated in the mangrove clean-up along the Spanish River Intracoastal Waterway with Gumbo Limbo on Jan. 8.

Professor Joe Hall's class (above) took this year’s coveted title of the “Kings and Queens of Trashiness” weighing in at 572 pounds of trash. Some of Hall's students hauled an old, 200-pound I-beam support out of the Intracoastal, which put them over the top to claim the title.

Here are all the trash-y totals:
1. Joe Hall - 572 pounds of trash
2. Robert Watson 548 pounds
3. Carmeta Blake 350 pounds
4. Joe Greaney - 342 pounds
5. Frank Lucas - 314 pounds
6. Anna Krift - 218 pounds
7. Michael Lewis - 168 pounds
8. Andrew Halloran - 151 pounds
9. David Lewis - 144 pounds

There was additional wood and debris that was weighed and totaled 100 pounds with no known owner.

Total: 2,907 pounds of trash, more than double what was picked up last year in the same location.