Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is the No. 1 ice cream flavor according to the results of the Fav Flav Contest held in conjunction with the Better World Business speaker, the public “elations” manager from Ben & Jerry’s, who came to campus to talk about the company's policy to "do good."

Students and employees also weighed in with their “socially responsible” ice cream flavors for a second contest judged by Vice President for Academic Affairs Gregg Cox.
And the winners are:

Mike Sciarretta, “Coco for Cli‘mint’ Change”
Mint ice cream, chocolate chunks, brownies
Supports renewable energy sources globally

Maria Kahn, “Paws & Crunch”
Sweet cream ice cream, crunch bar, marshmallow
Supports animal shelters and animal rights

Mark Popiela, “Sea Turtle Cheesecake”
Cheesecake ice cream, pecans, caramel, chocolate chips
Supports saving sea turtles