BOO! Don’t be scared. I had to start off that way since it’s the week ghosts and goblins will be out for Halloween. So, here we go … my first Debbie's Digest column. What’s Trending? Everyone on campus, I’m sure, remembers watching Sesame Street when they were kids (okay, so maybe some of us older types remember our kids watching the show. I for one remember Howdy Doody with a similar fondness). So, did you know that Sesame Street needs saving? How is it possible that an iconic show like that could even be in trouble? Well, 12 Lynn students along with professor Gary Carlin and WXEL’s Debra Tornaben are helping out modern-day style: They are creating an on-line "Save the Street" campaign using Piggybackr, a new fundraising online platform to save Sesame Street and other PBS Kids educational programs locally on WXEL. Let’s hope they succeed and Bert and Ernie and the Cookie Monster stay with us for years to come ... The Hospitality Club takes the coolest trips: on their most recent, Professor Dave Schapiro accompanied the club’s students on a tour of the Boca Raton Resort and lo and behold, their tour guide was Lynn alumnus, Claudine Basile, the director of rooms there. She’s been working at the resort for 17 years. Nice gig! … More real-world experience for our students: Two students each month will have the chance to participate in The Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce’s new program, International Business Alliance, and it will be held right here on campus so they don’t have to go very far …   

(above l.) Gary Carlin and students waging Save the Street campaign
(above r.) Dave Schapiro and students on a visit to the Boca Resort

What’s Happening: The week in preview: What is our most fun annual event of the year? Hint: It includes canoe races and lots of food. Give up? It’s Founders Day and it falls on Friday which makes a sweet (literally) ending to the week. So, bring on the canoe races (hopefully, your team can remain upright and out of the lake) and the deep fried oreo cookies … If you were looking forward to Glee star Lauren Potter – aka Becky, sidekick to Sue Sylvester - speaking for the final DAM event of the month on Tuesday, I'm sorry to report that she had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict … As Shania Twain says, “I feel like a woman.” Well, the male species can get a taste of womanhood by donning some high heels and taking a one-mile stroll around campus during the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event on Wednesday at 11 a.m. Don’t worry, it’s all for a good cause - to raise awareness about the serious cause and effects of sexual violence … And in honor of the aforementioned Halloween, Fall Fest will include a hypnotist, psychic fair, haunted halls (as in residence) and ball, and a spooky movie … Finally, how many university presidents are willing to go paddleboarding with 50+ students on what would presumably be his day off ( if he gets one). That would be ours in Paddleboarding with the President. And where else would you be able to do that in November - only in South Florida. So check with OSI and sign up.

Finally ... Students don't get to have all the fun at Lynn. Employees entered into the LU Spirit Pumpkin Decorating Contest and a very creative professor was pronouned the winner. So, Happy Halloween ... courtesy of Michael Lewis and his Fighting Knight pumpkin.