For those of you who didn’t read my final Knight Writer post, you’re probably wondering what this new section on myLynn is all about. So, I’m here to tell you … Each week I (Debbie Stern, internal communication specialist here at Lynn) will be writing a weekly column, which come out every Monday, called Debbie’s Digest.
So, why Digest, you might ask? Well, the word has a few meanings: summary, journal, and it also means to process as in digestible pieces (not necessary food-related). So, I will give you my take on all things Lynn summarizing accomplishments of students, faculty and staff; and give you interesting digestible tidbits on the week in preview (rather than in review).
Just think of Debbie’s Digest as a personal glimpse into the world of Lynn. And as always, I welcome any “hot tips” about anything or anyone Lynn-related. Just send news and/or photos to So stay tuned … Monday, Oct. 28, Debbie’s Digest will debut the first column.