On October 3rd, the Office of Compliance hosted a Lunch and Learn for approximately 50 staff members about the institution's process for selection of vendors for services and goods. Staff members who were unable to attend this Lunch and Learn will benefit from the tips in the attached power point presentation and the bottom of this post and from a review of institutional policies. The vendor selection policy is available online within the Purchasing Policy

The Office of Procurement is here to assist you and you are encouraged to reach out to them at the beginning of your vendor selection process. In addition to the policy and a review of the power point presentation, the following tips have been designed to assist you as you engage with vendors for services and or goods:

  • Selection of a vendor should be free of a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest arises when an employee may benefit personally, or appears to do so, from dealings with the vendor. Actual or potential conflicts of interest should be shared with Procurement prior to engaging with the vendor in question.
  • Procurement maintains a list of vendors and strategic partners that may be able to fulfill your purchasing needs. Please contact procurement to secure a vendor for services or goods. 
  • Confidentiality is key when soliciting bids or negotiating with vendors. Never disclose the details of one vendors offer to another vendor.
  • Lynn University is tax exempt and you can help us save money by requesting a copy of the University's tax exemption certificate prior to purchasing goods. Contact Procurement to receive a copy.
  • Prior to signing an agreement for a new software, even a free software, staff should complete the Software Request form and submit it to Maria Piret. 

Most importantly, always remember that the Office of Compliance and Procurement are here to help! When in doubt, give us a call!

Vendor Selection Compliance Corner.pdf