At Lynn University, we welcome all visitors no matter how big or small. During the summer months we are fortunate to welcome the Pine Tree Campers to our beautiful campus, but did you know that thousands of individuals under the age of 18 come on to our campus throughout the year to participate in activities, participate in the high quality instruction offered by the Conservatory, participate in egg hunts and sports camps, and stay overnight in our residence halls? To continue to foster a safe and supportive environment for everyone from 1-100, The Office of Compliance has launched a new training and risk management program for all programs and activities on campus involving minors.

If you are hosting an event, you will notice that a new question has been added to the R25 form regarding the participation of minors. If you answer yes, your request will be routed to the Office of Compliance for review and approval. Additionally, if you plan on hosting an event with minors, you will now be required to complete a registration form, which will be reviewed by the Office of Compliance. Programs and Activities with minors will be approved contingent upon completion of an online training (required only once a year) and a background check (good for five years). More information regarding the new policy for Programs and Activities with Minor Participants may be found on My.lynn under the Compliance and Risk Management Tab of the Employee page.