Welcome to the new Compliance Corner! Throughout the year, the Office of Compliance will post information about regulatory changes, compliance challenges, training opportunities, policy changes, and risk reduction efforts.

During Compliance Awareness Month, the Compliance Corner will serve as resources for University specific tips to support you during our new, shared learning opportunity. This month we will focus on issues of campus safety, data privacy and security, minors on campus, FERPA, the code of conduct, and risk reduction. Each week new resources will be posted and you will be encouraged to engage in conversations with your peers to discuss how the curriculum and helpful tips can be incorporated into your day-to-day work.

The Office of Compliance is here to help and I encourage you to review the resources on our my.lynn page for more information, found at be https://my.lynn.edu/ICS/Employees/Compliance.jnz. We appreciate your dedication and look forward to working with you. Stay tuned for the debut of our Newsletter in this month’s Lynn Minute!