Sindee Kerker, associate professor of criminal justice in the College of Arts and Sciences, presented the paper "Stand Your Ground: Lawful Right to Kill or Self-Defense Gone Awry?” during the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 2014 Annual Meeting, Feb. 19-Feb 22 in Philadelphia.
Her topic was based on the headline-making Zimmerman/Martin case:
"On July 13, George Zimmerman was acquitted of shooting an unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin, as he was walking in his father's neighborhood. Zimmerman pursued Trayvon because he assumed the hoodie-clad teenager was up to no good. Florida and 21 other states have "Stand Your Ground" or similar laws that allow someone with a reasonable fear of great bodily harm or death to use lethal force even if retreating from danger is an option. Was the jury's decision correct according to Florida law? Or did a travesty of justice occur?"