Taryn Hamill, Lynn’s campus visit coordinator, gave a presentation on the “You in the University Tour” Inside Higher Ed article on June 4, at the annual Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association conference in Alexandria, Va.  The conference is for individuals that coordinate campus visits.

Representatives from institutions of all types and sizes attended (including Yale, High Point, the University of Toronto and even our neighbors at Florida Atlantic University). This is the first time Hamill presented and there were 50 people in attendance. In her presentation, she shared the story of our personalized campus visit program and the success we’ve achieved in the one year, 8 months, and 4 days we’ve been offering this enhanced experience.

“It was so rewarding to look back and remember when we brought Jeff Kallay of Target X to campus and held community meetings to stress the importance of the campus visit,” said Hamill. “Jeff actually attended my presentation, and when he addressed all conference attendees during one of the keynote sessions, he mentioned Lynn as one of the ‘game changers’ in the industry.”