Lynn University’s “novel curriculum” is discussed in the new book “College (Un)Bound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for College Students” by Jeffrey Selingo, editor at large at The Chronicle of Higher Education—officially published yesterday and available on or Barnes & Noble.

In the book, Lynn’s nationally-praised core curriculum, the Dialogues of Learning is discussed in Undergraduates Exploring Big Questions, pages 192-193, which is part of the book’s Future Forward section. According to the book, the section includes, “a short list of forward-thinking universities to keep an eye on…These are just a sampling of colleges that have adopted strategies and programs that will help prove the value of their degree in the years ahead.”
Lynn’s subsection opens with a quote by Gregg Cox, vice president for academic affairs, “’What employers are looking for these days are people with critical thinking and writing skills.’” Selingo goes on to write that Lynn, “has developed a novel curriculum to impart those sought-after skills.”

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