According to current enrollment numbers, the largest incoming class since 2007 will be starting classes at Lynn on Monday, Aug. 26, building on an upward trend in enrollment that has been maintained over the last four years.
“Based on our current numbers, we’re projecting approximately 600 students starting classes this fall,” Gareth Fowles, vice president of enrollment management, said. “This continues our trend of increasing enrollment that can be attributed to a variety of factors.”
Although the final enrollment numbers are not available until drop/add is complete in early September, assuming current trends hold, final enrollment will be one of the largest classes in the last six years.
Some key numbers
 International student enrollment is the highest on record, 11 percent higher than 2012, previously the highest, for a projected enrollment of approximately 185 students. It is projected that internationals will make up 31 percent of the incoming class. This reflects Lynn’s continued high ranking for its percentage of international students in U.S. News & World Report.
 Overall deposits are up eight percent over last year.
 Transfers are up 27 percent over 2012.
 Domestically, Pennsylvania and Texas grew the most by percentage, both increased by 50 percent, and Turkey leads international growth with an increase of 450 percent.

The 2012 presidential debate is seen as one of the many contributing factors to the continued growth of incoming students, but there is no concrete quantitative measure that can prove the specific impact it has had.
Fowles also identifies the school’s improved campus visit program (recently highlighted in both Inside Higher Ed and the New York Times Education section), and the involvement of the entire campus as major factors in enrollment success.
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