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Members of the Housing and Residence Life Team


Resident Assistants
A resident assistant (RA) is a student staff member working and living in a residence hall. Resident assistants provide support, guidance and assistance for resident students.


Community Advisors

A community advisor (CA) is a student staff member living, working and supervising RAs in the residence halls. Community advisors are there to lead the staff team in resident programming and community development and provide additional support and care to residents.


Area Coordinators

An area coordinator (AC) is a professional staff member who oversees one half of campus staff and residents. The AC lives and works in the residence halls and is there for critical issue response, resident  follow-up and sets the standards for establishing a positive community on campus.


Director and Associate Directors

The Director of Housing and Residence Life and Associate Directors are full-time professionals who serve as the chief administrators for the supervision, management and personal and community development of on campus students at Lynn University.  


Contact Us

Main office location:  E.M. Lynn Residence Center

Office hours:  Monday through Friday
                       Academic year - 9 a.m. -5 p.m.
                       Summer - 9 a.m. - 4p.m.
Meagan Elsberry,
Associate Director
Hannah Link,
Associate Director
Kristy Shore,
Residence hall offices:
Area Coordinator for E.M. Lynn Residence Center, Perper Residence Hall and deHoernle Residential Complex
Brian Gaida, 
Office location: E.M. Lynn Residence Center (lobby area)
Area Coordinator for Lynn Residence Center, Freiburger Residential Complex and Trinity Residence Hall
Mackenzie Kegley, 
Office location:  Lynn Residence Center (lobby area)