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Lynn students

Phone: 561-237-7185, 800-578-9737 (toll free)
Fax:     561-237-7189 (fax)

Financial Aid: Scholarships, Grants, Loans and Work Study

Student Accounts: Billing, Charges, Payments and Payment Plans 
Location: Louis and Anne Green Center for the Expressive Arts
Office Hours:9am-5pm Mon-Fri.


Student Accounts

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 Quick steps that can help you get up and running with Student Financial Services


Use these spreadsheets to estimate the cost to attend Lynn. The spreadsheets will also allow for scholarships, loans and grants to be taken into account on the calculation.


A booklet showing students all of the financial processes to be completed during their journey at Lynn University.


Learn about payment options and processes, as well as setting parents and other third parties up to receive billing statements. Also learn how to apply for a refund and how to provide consent for tax forms.


Understanding Finances at Lynn University

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Learn all about the financial process at Lynn University and beyond.



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How Student Financial Services works on myLynn.

Five quick steps that can help you get up and running with your student finances.

A video reviewing the different options that are available to help pay your tuition.

How to understand a billing statement.

Breaking down the term Financial Aid and what it means.

A video outlining the FAFSA process.

Understanding the verification process.

How KHEAA helps with the verification process at Lynn University

How to upload your verification documents to KHEAA

An outline of different scholarship opportunities that students can research.

Learn all about the different types of student loans.

Learn how ESAS works and how to use it.

An overview of how your financial award is broken down on ESAS.

Understanding an estimated financial summary as outlined in ESAS.

What is the difference between the Cost of Attendance and the Cost to Attend?

Videos outlining the FAFSA and an overview of the financial aid process.

Finding a job on campus.

Financial Hardship Workshop

If you have experienced a financial hardship in the last year, that you feel is not accurately reflected on the FAFSA, we will be hosting a “Financial Hardship Virtual Presentation” at 1pm on Friday April 26. The link is available below:



Read more Financial Hardship Workshop Read more

New Refund Process

In order to improve the efficiency of the student refund process, a new refund request process is being introduced to the Lynn University community. From February 2, the traditional paper refund request form will no longer be accepted and students will be...

Read more New Refund Process Read more

Financial Aid

These handbooks outline the policies and procedures for all areas of Student Financial Services for day, online and graduate students.

(.pdf, 1621K)

Guidance on loan repayment options and also guidance for parents on the PLUS application process.

(.pdf, 680K)

A review of the penalties for drug law violations, loan counseling and the terms and conditions of accepting financial aid under the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

(.pdf, 696K)

Learn step by step how to complete the FAFSA with this PowerPoint instructional guide.

(.pptx, 21505K)

2024-2025 version of the tuition refund plan

(.pdf, 177K)

Scholarships 4 LU

Learn all about different scholarship opportunities for you at Lynn University and beyond.

All Undergraduate, Online and Graduate Students.

Learn all about searching for scholarships at Lynn University

(.mp4, 17283K)

All Undergraduate, Online and Graduate Students.

Learn how to write an appropriate letter applying for scholarships.

(.mp4, 9359K)

All Undergraduate, Online and Graduate Students.

Learn all of the steps to take when writing a letter to apply for a scholarship

(.pdf, 763K)

All Undergraduate, Online and Graduate Students.

Take a look at our scholarship newsletter, as well as a number of scholarship search engines and opportunities. 

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All Undergraduate, Online and Graduate Students.

A sample of videos outlining information about scholarships

(.pdf, 44K)

All Undergraduate, Online and Graduate Students.

A sample of scholarship search engines currently available

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SFS Appointments 2023

Informational videos to assist with your 2023-2024 meetings with your financial aid counselor.

Student Loan Repayment

Whether you are returning to repayment for the first time since 2020 or making your first ever student loan payment, you can set yourself up for success by preparing.

A guide to repaying your student loans

(.pdf, 1243K)

An infographic outlining how to prepare for loan repayment.

(.pdf, 1338K)

An infographic to help determine which repayment option is best for you.

(.pdf, 1293K)

Tips to aid in the repayment process.

(.pdf, 1146K)

Other helpful resources to help you better understand your repayment options.

(.pdf, 2145K)

International Guides

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Guidance on the FNIS process and the tax process for international students.


Learn how to send an international bank wire and about foreign currencies accepted through the MyLynn portal.



Preparing a budget with our SFS Financial Literacy Ambassadors

(.pptx, 603K)

Meal planning on a budget developed by SFS Financial Literacy Ambassadors

(.pdf, 598K)

An edited presentation on Financial Needs, Wants & Savings from our SFS Financial Literacy Ambassadors

(.pptx, 1196K)

Learn all about how to save during the Holiday spending period with our Financial Literacy Ambassadors

(.pptx, 1460K)

How to save money while spending during the holidays with our SFS Financial Literacy Ambassadors

(.pdf, 98K)