As we embark on a new academic year, I wanted to take a moment to update everyone with regard to parking on campus.  Please take a moment to read this information as we have had some changes to parking that go into effect immediately, and we will have more changes in the future as we expand our campus blueprint (Perper Residence Hall and the University Center). 

  •  Schmidt Circle – Reserved for Vice Presidents, Board of Trustee’s Members and VIP guests of the President’s Office and the Development Office
  • A Lot (Schmidt Lot) – Reserved for faculty/staff
  • B Lot (Library Lot) – Reserved for designated staff (parking signs are posted)
  • C Lot ( NEW ASSAF Lot) – Reserved for faculty/staff
  • D Lot (Mail Room Lot) –  Car Pool Lot and 10 minute parking for mail room only
  • E Lot (Pine Tree Lot) – Reserved for Academic Dean’s and faculty/staff
  • F Lot (DeHornle International Lot) – Handicap Parking
  • G Lot (Wold Performing Arts Center) – Reserved Parking for WOLD Events
  • H Lot (Expanded North Lot) – The first row is reserved for faculty/staff.  All remaining rows and spaces are for faculty/staff/students and visitors.
  • Dirt Lot – faculty/staff/student parking
  • I Lot (Tennis/Basketball street parking) – Reserved for students
  • I Lot (Trinity Residence Hall) – Reserved for designated staff (parking signs are posted)
  • I Lot (EML, north side) – Reserved for residential student parking
  • J Lot (EML/DeHornle Lot) – Reserved for residential student parking
  • K Lot (Old Soccer Field Lot) – Reserved for residential student parking
  • L Lot (DeHornle Lot) – Student parking
  • M Lot (DeHornle Lot) Faculty/staff parking


  • Motorcycle/scooter parking for residential students – Please park all motorcycles/scooters in the designated area located in front of the Counseling Center (J Lot).  Please do not park motorcycles/scooters in parking spaces in residential lots (I, J, K L, and M).  Sharing a spot with a car will no longer be allowed.  However, you may park your motorcycle/scooter in a parking space in the North Lot.


  • Beginning on Tuesday, September 6 tickets will be issued to all violators of the parking policy.  Repeat offenders run the risk of having their car towed and parking privileges revoked.