Anthony Altiery VP Student Affairs

Welcome to Student Affairs at Lynn University.  I am delighted you are viewing our website.  The site has something for everyone – students, parents, alumni, staff, and professional colleagues, and your visit gives us an opportunity to share some of the great things we are doing at Lynn.  I hope you look around, ask questions, and stop by to enjoy some of our programs and services. 

Student Affairs at Lynn University seeks to engage students in experiences that broaden the mind, strengthen the body, and inspire the spirit.  The opportunities for such experiences abound here at Lynn.  In collaboration with student leaders, the Division of Student Affairs aims to enrich the lives of students through meaningful engagement in student organizations, service learning, campus activities, community and civic engagement, recreation, and leadership development.  You will find that campus life is full of opportunities for involvement, and you are sure to find a few that capture your attention. 

As you become involved on campus, I challenge you to develop your unique talents, to lead others with integrity, to celebrate unique styles, and to contribute to the betterment of our community and society.  Student leaders are instrumental in shaping and sustaining a vibrant, responsible, and friendly campus ethos.  The Division of Student Affairs relies upon student leadership to fulfill its mission by serving as resident and community assistants, office interns, sport referees, members of the Knights of the Roundtable, volunteer service coordinators, and leaders of a wide variety of student organizations.

Students – reach out and become involved!  Your college experience can be some of the best years of your life.  You are a part of the Lynn University family.  This family, along with your immediate family, will enable you to go far beyond your dreams if you embrace it.

I encourage you to explore our website and learn about the different opportunities for growth and development.  The Student Affairs team is happy to meet you, so please do not hesitate to visit or call us at (561) 237-7740.

Go Fighting Knights!

Dr. Anthony Altieri

Vice President of Student Affairs





Create supportive environments and innovative opportunities for student learning. We promote individual student excellence, invite collaboration and discovery, and challenge students to take responsibility as members of a diverse, global community.

Core Values

Constructing Community

We promote an environment that appreciates a sense of inclusion and individual growth in a safe and supportive environment. We expect active participation in one’s student experience. We value institutional traditions and the role they have in establishing connections to the campus community.


Striving for Excellence

We pursue and demand excellence through determination, creativity, and the courage to adapt to changing needs and conditions. We expect to inspire and deliver superior performance for the development of the individual and the University community.


Promoting Civility

We encourage ethical and responsible decision making which encompasses trust, honesty, mutual respect, personal responsibility, accountability, fairness, and integrity.


Maximizing Potential

We encourage the pursuit of knowledge, exploring curiosity, and pushing the boundaries of one’s comfort to expand opportunities for intellectual,emotional, and social development.


Student Centric

All we do and aspire to accomplish will be in the best interest of our students.