Create your myLYNN Account

You will receive an email notification from with the subject line: Lynn University Onboarding; providing you with your Lynn email address and instructions to set up your MyLynn student portal. If you do not receive the notification email please check your spam or junk folder.

If you were/are a previous student at Lynn – then you will try and log in with your student credentials. If that does not work, try to reset the password – (with the same directions you currently have on the checklist).

Register for Classes

To register for courses you must be logged on to myLYNN. Once logged on, click on Academics and then Student.
Under Course Schedule, click on Add/Drop Courses, and then select the term you want to register for from the dropdown, and then click on search.
Look to see if you have any holds that will prevent you from registering (look under Hold Type - holds prevent you from registering but warnings do not).
Under Course Search, click on Search and all courses offered that term/semester will appear. When you find a course you want to register for, click on the box under Add (if you don't see a box under Add that means you have a hold and aren't able to register until that hold is removed).
Once you have selected all of the courses you want to register for, click on Add Courses at the bottom of the page.
Students in the online and graduate programs receive 100% of the tuition paid if they drop courses prior to the date publicized as the first day of the term/semester. For courses dropped during the first week of the term (add/drop), students receive 90% of the tuition. There is no refund after the first week of the term/semester.

Apply for Financial Aid or Make Tuition Payments

For students with a last name A – G contact Bob Neitz
(561) 237-7118
For students with a last name H – M contact Sharon Chakoian
(561) 237-7922  
For students with last name N-Z contact Angel Cook
(561) 237-7651
For student-athletes contact LaToya Lewis
(561) 237-7190  

Obtain Your Student ID Card

To obtain a student ID card download the “Cbord Get App” on your mobile device, login in using your myLynn credentials, upload your photo, and further instructions will be sent from the campus card office as to when you will be issued your ID card.
Note: Lynn does not mail ID cards. You can pick up your card on-campus at the IT help desk located in the Library (1st floor, 1st desk on the right).

Obtain Your Parking Decal

To secure a parking decal, please complete the form online.

Review Your Schedule

Once you've been registered for classes, you can view your schedule by logging on to myLYNN, going to Academics and then Student. Here you will see a link for Course Schedule. You will always see a note in red that says you are not registered for any courses. Please ignore, as this always defaults to the undergraduate day semester. Just click on View Details to select the appropriate term/semester.
Graduate students in an 8-week term will select any of the following: GRADUATE FALL I, GRADUATE FALL II, GRADUATE SPRING I, GRADUATE SPRING II, GRADUATE SUMMER I, GRADUATE SUMMER II.
Graduate students in a 16-week term will select any of the following: GRADUATE FALL, GRADUATE SPRING, GRADUATE SUMMER.

Order Your Textbooks

Log on to myLYNN, go to Academics, and then go to Student. Here you will see a link under Textbook Information.

Purchase your iPad

Students who wish to receive a Lynn University iPad must pay a non-refundable $200 Instructional Materials fee. To pay, visit and select “Instructional Materials Fees.” Then select “Masters/EdD Course Instruction Fee" (for graduate students) or "Online Instructional Fee" (for online undergraduate students).

iPad’s are shipped two weeks prior to classes starting. Students also have the option of using their own iPad instead of purchasing a Lynn iPad.

Check your Lynn Email Frequently

All notifications from the university will be sent to your Lynn email address, so be sure to check your email regularly. You can access your Lynn email by clicking on Student Email, under Quick Links to the left of the screen (you must be logged on to access your email).
In addition, any emails sent to the advising center for registration assistance (or for anything other than general questions/information) must be sent from your Lynn email.

Graduate Orientation Seminar

All graduate students are required to take a 1 credit, zero cost, pass/fail course designed to familiarize yourself with our technology (Canvas, iPads, Cengage, etc.). You will be registered for this course, GSR 501, in your 1st term of enrollment.

Lynn students who earned an undergraduate degree with the university will be exempt from the course.

International Student Requirement
Are you an international student with an F1 visa? If so, you must also complete the following.
• International Student Immigration Orientation (ISO101 Canvas Course)
• Immigration Document Verification (on the IPS Portal)
• Arrival Confirmation (by attending IPS In-Person Orientation)
Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Biological Sciences Students
You must register for a minimum of 9 credits during each of the Fall and Spring semesters
• A minimum of 6 credits must be on-ground each semester
Graduate Evening Students
You must register for a minimum of 3 credits during each of the Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, and Spring 2 terms
• A minimum of 3 credits must be on-ground each term
Please contact with any questions or for additional details.
Access Your Courses on Canvas
Click on Canvas, Under Quick Links (to the left of the screen).
Courses are available on Canvas beginning at 2 pm on the Friday before the term begins.
If your course is not showing on Canvas, please reach out directly to your instructor. Your instructor's name can be found on your Student Schedule and the contact information for your instructor can be found by clicking on Campus Directory, under Quick Links (to the left of the screen).