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   - Consultation Appointment (to discuss services or obtain information).
   - Initial  assessment (determines mental health needs, providing referrals for on and/or off campus services).
   - Individual Therapy (one-on-one counseling).
   - Psycho-education (one-on-one education session to learn more about a variety of mental health and substance abuse concerns).

 In order to have a positive outcome, it is important to attend sessions regularly and try to apply what you have gleaned from sessions, in your life outside of sessions. There are times when you may feel you are making great strides and other times when you feel you are at a standstill; this is normal in the therapy process.

Group therapy is a way for students to work through concerns with the help of other students and a trained facilitator. in a safe place, to talk about concerns and learn new ways to interact and learn from other students. The counselor develops a safe, trusting and confidential space for all students to feel comfortable sharing.

Some groups are therapeutic (confidential and typically based on a common topic like anxiety, depression, or identity concerns). Therapeutic support groups are people with common experiences providing each other with encouragement and advice. Non-therapeutic groups address a variety of psycho-educational topics in an open setting, such as learning skills on how to getting along with others, making decisions and solving problems.
- Evaluations and or medication management.
- Available for students currently working with a therapist from the Lynn University Counseling Services
- The Counseling Services team will determine if on-campus Psychiatric Services are appropriate for you and will provide off-campus referrals when indicated.