What We Do

An integrative and holistic wellness model is used to promote and enhance the health and well-being of students through support and education on a variety of aspects of well-being. Through health education, prevention programs, support for students in crisis, and strategies to thrive, this department invites each student to consider how to maximize opportunities to support a well-balanced life.

We focus on a broad wellness model, which identifies four dimensions of wellness and promotes a holistic approach to the development of our campus and students. 

  • Well-being of learning: Engaging in stimulating mental activity, recognizing creative ability, and expanding knowledge and skills while learning and enhancing your abilities and talents to find joy every day.
  • Well-being of relationships: Development of a sense of belonging as well as a support system that promotes positive relationships in your life.
  • Well-being of self: Effectively managing you. Awareness, acceptance, and coping of emotions, feelings, and thoughts in a healthy and adaptive manner. Learning and developing a core belief system that helps guide decision-making.
  • Well-being of community: A feeling of connection with others as a result of sharing common interests, goals, and viewpoints that lead to the development of the self you present to the world.

Educational Wellness Conversation Appointments Available

Student Wellness & Health Promotions and Student Affairs departments, which focus on wellness, are here to lend support and help. We want our students’ time at Lynn to be healthy, happy, and memorable.

We provide support to promote wellness through:

Prevention education and support including information on self-care and how to incorporate it into the daily routine
Wellness partnerships in the local community
Programs pertaining to a healthy and satisfying lifestyle and overall well-being of mind, body, and spirit
Assistance to students through referrals to on- and off-campus resources and appropriate specialists
Wellness related dialogue and ideation

Get Involved
Wellness Educators are a diverse group of student leaders, role models, and peers who provide quality, innovative, and inclusive programs and events to challenge Lynn University students to make informed and responsible decisions regarding their health. Students are engaged through programs in residence halls and presentations in classrooms on subjects such as healthy eating, coping with stress, healthy relationships, and responsible decision making.

Wellness Educators are selected at the end of each academic year through an application and interview process. To learn more about becoming a Wellness Educator, stop by the Office of Student Wellness or contact a member of our team.