Health Center: 
The purpose of the Lynn University Health Center is to promote a lifestyle of optimal wellness, by providing quality, accessible, cost-effective healthcare in the university setting. The Health Center implements awareness programs aimed at prevention, by identifying current trends relating to collegiate health and wellness. 
We are open during the Fall & Spring semesters as follows:         
Monday – Thursday:       8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 
Friday:           8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 
Nurse Practitioner hours Mon – Thurs. 10:00am – 3:00pm 
Changes in hours will be posted outside of the Health Center 
Our Services: 
Treatment for acute injuries & illnesses: 
o Cuts, Scrapes, Wounds, Abrasions and Burns 
o Strains & Sprains 
o Respiratory Infections 
o Colds, Flu, Fevers and Viruses 
o Sinus Infections 
o Physical Exams 
o Urinary Tract Infections 
o Well-Women Exams 
o Pregnancy Prevention/Birth Control 
o STD testing & treatment 
o Free Condoms throughout the office 
o Immunizations Blood draws & laboratory collections 
o Smoking cessation assistance 
o Off-campus Physician referrals 
o Health education & promotion material 
o University health awareness programs 
o Nurse Practitioner by appointment: Mon-Thurs 10am—2:30pm 
Fitness Center: 
Our Fitness Center located inside of the Lynn Residence Hall offers a place where students can reach and maintain a healthy level of physical fitness. The equipment in the facility covers all areas of exercise from cardiovascular endurance to strength training and flexibility. It is also a great place to meet some friends, who have similar healthy goals. The facility is open a vast amount of hours, giving students the opportunity to fit exercise into their schedules. 
Fitness center hours:
During the Semester: Mon – Friday: 7am to 10pm 
Sat – Sun: Noon to 7pm 
Hours are subject to change on holidays and during the summer months. These updated hours are posted in the gym and can also be found by following us on Instagram @LynnCampusRec. 
Fitness Classes and Programming 
Campus Recreation offers a multitude of fitness opportunities. Various fitness classes are offered on campus on a weekly basis, such as yoga, boot camp, dance fit, high intensity intervals (HII), and one-on-one/Group Personal Training sessions. Campus Recreation also offers fitness opportunities in the community, such as Hot Yoga, Sunrise Yoga on the Beach, Spinning, and other unique group exercise programs. 
Outside of fitness, Campus Recreation provides opportunities to explore south Florida’s outdoor recreational opportunities.  Students have the opportunity to paddleboard, kayak, nature walk/run, wakeboard, waterski, fish, snorkel, mini golf and more. 
Counseling Services at Lynn University is committed to providing a variety of mental health and substance abuse programs and services dealing with emotional, psychological, behavioral and social issues. The intention of all services is to promote positive mental health.  Lynn’s Counseling Services is fully accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc. 
Our Services: 
• Counseling Services are free of charge to all registered students. 
• Individual and group therapy sessions are available on a weekly basis. 
• Issues dealt with in Counseling Services include but are not limited to depression, stress/anxiety, relationships, alcohol and drug abuse, emotional support, family issues, and eating disorders. 
• Off-campus referrals for local treatment providers are available to any client who would be more appropriately served by other specialized and/or intensive mental health services. 
• Psychiatric evaluations for medication may be arranged on campus, for students receiving on-campus counseling services, or be directed to qualified, off-campus, private practitioners. 
• Psycho-education events are provided to the campus community. 
• Alcohol and other drug education, prevention, assessment, counseling, and referrals are provided. 
• An on-campus student internship is offered each semester. 
• Evaluation of prevention education programs is conducted in conjunction with faculty and other campus departments. 
For More Information: 
Come by Counseling Services, located in E. M. Lynn Residence Hall. 
Hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. 
Website: 561-237-7237 
It is no great surprise to learn that alcohol and drug misuse may negatively impact the lives of some university students.  Substance abuse is a complex social problem that has the potential to jeopardize student’s safety, derail a student’s academic pursuits and may result in legal and/or University conduct action.  Therefore, the University takes all forms of alcohol and drug misuse seriously. With such risks in mind, Lynn University aggressively abides by all state and federal laws pertaining to the use, possession and distribution of alcohol and other controlled substances. 
With an eye toward clarifying misconceptions and providing accurate information, every Lynn student is expected to participate in the on-line Campus Clarity program.  This interactive educational experience exposes students to the real life consequences of alcohol/drug use and abuse.  In addition, the process educates students about Lynn’s University’s Alcohol and Drug Policy (Student Code of Conduct    
The Amnesty Policy (Student Code of Conduct   encourages students to get help whenever they or one of their peers suffers a drug or alcohol related medical crisis.  Lynn’s Amnesty Policy grants students immunity from university conduct action, if (and only if) they seek help for themselves or for one of their peers during a drug or alcohol related medical crisis.  The intent of the policy is to remove fear of punishment from the crisis equation.   
For more information, or to seek help for yourself or a friend, Lynn University Counseling Services offers students alcohol and other drug education, prevention, assessment, group/individual counseling and referrals. Counseling Services are free of charge and confidential. 
Questions regarding the University’s Alcohol and Drug Policy should be directed to the Dean of Students. 
Gary Martin, Ed.D. 
Dean of Students 
Office (561) 237-7157 

The Office of Student Wellness is a partnership of people, programs, services, and policies, which supports a culture of health and wellness for Lynn University students.

Wellness at Lynn University is defined as making healthy lifestyle choices regarding mind, body, and spirit, and these characteristics are the common thread of the programs and services interwoven in all offices focused on student well-being. 


The purpose of Lynn University’s Office of Student Wellness is to promote and enhance the health and well-being of our students, within an integrative wellness model, by providing high quality resources and education to the student body.  It is our belief that wellness and holistic development are important for:

  • Student success
  • Life beyond academics
  • Healthy attitudes and wellness skills
  • Proactive and reactive education and support
  • Social interplay
  • Shared responsibility

What We Do


An integrative and holistic wellness model is used to promote and enhance the health and well-being of students through support and education on a variety of aspects of well-being.   Through health education, prevention programs, support for students in crisis, and strategies to thrive, this department invites each student to consider how to maximize opportunities to support a well-balanced life.

A broad wellness model, which identifies eight dimensions of wellness, promotes a holistic approach to development of our campus and students.              

  • Physical - Caring for one’s body and protecting from injury and harm
  • Emotional – Awareness, acceptance and coping of emotions, feelings and thoughts in a healthy and adaptive manner
  • Spiritual – Exploring meaning and purpose; expanding beliefs, principles, and values to give direction to one’s life
  • Intellectual – Engaging in stimulating mental activity, recognizing creative ability, and expanding  knowledge and skills
  • Social – Development of a sense of connection and belonging as well as a mature support system
  • Environmental - Occupying environments that are pleasant, stimulating, and support well-being
  • Financial – Satisfaction and competence with managing current and future financial situations
  • Occupational – Satisfaction and enrichment through work, professional growth and preparation, and use of one’s gifts, skills, and talents


The Office of Student Wellness and Student Affairs departments, which focus on wellness, are here to lend support and help.  We want our students’ time at Lynn to be healthy, happy, and memorable.

We provide support to promote wellness through:

  • Prevention education and support including information on self-care and how to incorporate it into the daily routine
  • Wellness partnerships in the local community
  • Programs pertaining to a healthy and satisfying lifestyle and overall well-being of mind, body, and spirit
  • Assistance to students through referrals to on- and off-campus resources and appropriate specialists
  • Wellness related dialogue and ideation
  • Support to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault 

Contact Us

Location: E. M. Lynn Residence Hall, SE Corner, 1st Floor

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Associate Director of the Office of Student Wellness

Charlotte Muriel


Coordinator for the Office of Student Wellness

Allison Brachmann


The Office of Disability Services offers academic accommodations, housing accommodations, self-advocacy skill building, and a variety other supports to students with learning differences and disabilities. The office seeks to create an enjoyable living, learning, and working environment for all community members by creating an environment that is accessible, equitable, and non-discriminatory. 


Phone: +1 561-237-7728