It is no great surprise to learn that alcohol and drug misuse may negatively impact the lives of some university students.  Substance abuse is a complex social problem that has the potential to jeopardize student’s safety, derail a student’s academic pursuits and may result in legal and/or University conduct action.  Therefore, the University takes all forms of alcohol and drug misuse seriously. With such risks in mind, Lynn University aggressively abides by all state and federal laws pertaining to the use, possession and distribution of alcohol and other controlled substances. 
With an eye toward clarifying misconceptions and providing accurate information, every Lynn student is expected to participate in the on-line Campus Clarity program.  This interactive educational experience exposes students to the real life consequences of alcohol/drug use and abuse.  In addition, the process educates students about Lynn’s University’s Alcohol and Drug Policy (Student Code of Conduct    
The Amnesty Policy (Student Code of Conduct   encourages students to get help whenever they or one of their peers suffers a drug or alcohol related medical crisis.  Lynn’s Amnesty Policy grants students immunity from university conduct action, if (and only if) they seek help for themselves or for one of their peers during a drug or alcohol related medical crisis.  The intent of the policy is to remove fear of punishment from the crisis equation.   
For more information, or to seek help for yourself or a friend, Lynn University Counseling Services offers students alcohol and other drug education, prevention, assessment, group/individual counseling and referrals. Counseling Services are free of charge and confidential. 
Questions regarding the University’s Alcohol and Drug Policy should be directed to the Dean of Students. 
Gary Martin, Ed.D. 
Dean of Students 
Office (561) 237-7157